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Scotty Lago

Scotty Lago

Scotty Lago started his humble beginnings on a snowboard back in 1996 at the grandiose age of 9 in his hometown of Amesbury, Massachusetts at his local hill that was designed for tubing. He soon traded the gentle inclines of small kids in blow up rings for the 22ft walls of the pipe.

He proved himself a dab-hand at the ‘hurtling yourself at a curved wall of snow and go really high’ game otherwise known as the quarterpipe by winning the World Championships in 2004 and proved he was anything but a one-hit-wonder by taking home the bronze at the U.S Snowboarding Grand Prix later the next season.

Scotty has never been the type of guy to be pegged down as ‘the pipe jock’ and went out with friends Travis Rice and Mark Landvik at Brain Farm cinema to prove just that. ‘That’s It, That’s All’ proved that Scotty had the muscle to throw down with the legendary big mountain rippers and backcountry stompers. Coming in off a high after TITA, Scotty was a last minute replacement for Danny Davis in the US Olympic team after Danny nearly killed himself crashing a quad-bike.

After finishing 3rd, it’s lucky for Scotty that instagram wasn’t really a thing in 2010 as we’re sure he might have struggled to apologise for the kind of hashtag that would accompany this photo, but TMZ in America still got hold of the photo and shamed him into making a public apology which lead to him returning home from Vancouver early. Lucky TMZ haven’t heard about KB eh?!

Scotty has continued to better himself year on year as both a competitive snowboarder, and as a video part extraordinaire. He managed to shatter his jaw whilst filming for Brain Farm Cinema’s second film ‘The Art of Flight’, but came back from injury to take the silverware at the 2011 instalment of the XGames Aspen.


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