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Pat Moore

Since his earliest days riding the east coast Pat Moore always aimed big. Today he’s one of snowboarding’s superstars, a true all-rounder with an almost unparalleled work ethic.

After starting out on the competition circuit, Pat embraced the filming side of the industry and put out some all-time classic parts with the Forum team. When that brand fizzled out in 2011, he sent to Volcom and has earned his place alongside the stone’s legendary riders Terje Haakonsen, Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn. He’s also appeared in Travis Rice’s big-budget productions That’s It, That’s All and The Art Of Flight.

Recently he’s been the star of his own movie, Mr Plant, and its supporting web series, Blueprint. He makes things pretty straightforward for the cameramen in tow, by killing it wherever he goes. From street to peak, Pat’s got it all dialled.

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