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Mark Sollors

This isn’t just any snowboarder. This is an M&S snowboarder. With an ability to send it in the back country and destroy any terrain in his path, Mark Sollors is a truly premium snowboarder.

With his distinctive long hair, Mark is one of those riders who is pushing snowboarding forward on every front possible. The whistler backcountry proved to be the perfect training ground for Mark who burst onto the scene with his stand out part in the Transworld movie In Colour. This section won him the Rookie of the year award and a place in that year’s top ten rider list.

Since then he’s starred in Burton’s The B and Standing Sideways, he’s also in Burton’s SNOWBOARDING backcountry web video. With backcountry skills that most freeriding veterans would kill for, Mark Sollors kills it off cornices yet he still has the urban skills to jib with the best of them. This all-terrain ability makes Mark stand out from the crowd and give him an edge over his peers who only stick to one style of riding.

He regularly rides with riders he grew up watching in videos and the likes of Jussi Oksanen and Mikey Rencz have taught him a thing or two over the years. Mark has followed in their footsteps and spends most of his time filming rather than competing. He spends his winters chasing the snow, spending time in the cities of Canada and North America and the Canadian backcountry that he knows like the back of his hand. For Mark, no matter what he’s riding it’s all about having fun and doing what he loves; snowboarding.


Burton Sherlock
18 / -15


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Mark Sollors