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Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt

It’s very easy to draw parallels between the late, great Mr Craig Kelly and Mr Blauvelt. Both rippers from an early age, set their sights on the contest scene and set them well, but then, at the height of their competitive careers, sacked it in and found their calling in the deep valleys and peaks of the backcountry. Whilst Craig unfortunately perished in an avalanche in 2003: we hope to see Jake shredding till his teeth fall out.

Originally signed to Forum at 16, he moved to Mammoth to make his mark on the World Snowboard Tour: which he did the same year in typical Jake style by taking a demanding win at the Burton US Open in 2004. He succeeded this with a 100% backcountry part in Forum Snowboards 2006 release ‘That’. Just a taster of things to come from the young buck. Just after the release of the movie ‘Forum Forever’, ironically, Jake announced he was leaving Forum and disappeared off the radar for a while.

He moved out to Tahoe to buddy up with his old mucker from Forum John Jackson, but he found the resort too “bro-ish”. He got a court attained bro-vorce and moved out to Mt Baker, Washington. He got snapped up by Ride Snowboards and wangled his own web-series, bucking the ’91 Words For Snow’ video part formulae and started releasing little snippets throughout the season.

‘Blauvelt’s Backcountry’ premiered in 2011 and documented his season from Mt Baker to Japan hooking up with Nico Muller on the way. He ended up having a mellow season due to back –injury, but a precedent was made.

He’s due to return to our screens this Autumn with his 2 year project ‘Naturally’, which has the potential to bridge that snowboard shaped gap in some peoples heart after watching Art of Flight.

No matter how the finished project turns out: Jake has already carved a name for himself on the steepest peaks and bottomless pow.

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