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Gigi Ruf

Gigi Ruf

Gigi smashed it onto our screens in 2000 in the Kingpin Productions classic…’Destroyer’ ( see what we did there), with the slowest front 360 transfer the snowboarding community had seen. Bearing in mind the panic that was flittering around the Y2K mark, we all needed something to calm us all down at that point…

He ended up bagging the 2000 Transworld Rookie of the Year for his efforts and was part of the now infamous Burton UnInc crew with DCP, Danny Davis, JP Solberg and Romain de Marchi. The boys teamed up for a new production company called Absinthe Films that started a revolution of the snowboard movie market.

2008/2009 season was a turbulent year for the Austrian powder powerhouse: First UnInc was un-ceremoniously disbanded with DCP, JP Solberg and Romain de Marchi being turfed onto the hard asphalt outside Burton’s HQ in Vermont. Out in the cold after a long summer and finding new sponsors.

But, at the same time Gigi appeared in three separate films that winter. Burton’s ‘It’s Always Snowing Somewhere’, Absinthe Films ‘Ready’ and Pirate Movie Production’s ‘Overseas’. Not bad for a 26 year old…

But, Gigi’s days with the big B were over and he signed to Volcom as his new board sponsor and the Greek Gods of snowboard outerwear and boots hooked him up as well. Never one to rest on his laurels, Gigi set up his own snowboard company, Slash, for the 2012/13 season, joining his old UnInc mates in their snowboard ventures.


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