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Eric Willett

The beast of snowboarding. This guy is built like Fort Knox, he competed at the World Snowboarding Championships with a broken ankle and only pulled out during the finals. An absolute machine…

Eric wasn’t always a kicker smashing, big air destroying cyborg. He didn’t take up competitive snowboarding until 2006, which when you consider most pro’s have been competing since they could write their names on the entry forms: it’s rad to see a guy come through that hadn’t been shreducated (educated at a snowboard school).

He is one of the most consistent riders on the tour. A quick count of his WST competition results show that in the 64 competitions he’s ridden in since 2007: he’s only missed out on being in the top ten 16 times. For those of you that have run out of fingers to count on, that’s 48 top ten finishes in 6 years of competing…

Eric was bestowed with an Air and Style ring this year for his efforts in at the Innsbruck Air & Style, a win that he sees’ as the most prestigious of the European competitions. A wild Eric can generally be found with his chief mischief makers Chucky G and Sage Kotsenburg who are all on the US Snowboard team with each other.

GoPro picked up Eric last year and they’ve been putting him to good use playing catch with Sage in Laax earlier this year. Eric also got married to his high-school sweetheart in the summer of 2012. Maybe Eric could sit down with fellow Rome Snowboards rider KB and have a chat about his views of women…


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