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Devun Walsh

Devun Walsh

Devun Walsh is one of the most influential riders of all time. His fluid and bold backcountry style, made famous in countless videoparts, has made Devun one of a handful of true snowboarding legends.

As part of the Forum 8, widely considered as the most progressive snowboard team ever, Devun helped shape modern freestyle snowboarding. His big, clean and super slow spins into powder made him stand out in classic films such as Mack Dawg’s Simple Pleasures, Technical Difficulties and Decade. Devun is the opposite of those spin to win competition robots you seem to see loads of these days, and most of his video parts feature way more massive 180’s and 360’s than big spins.Despite only having six days to film his part for the classic Forum flick, The Resistance, Devun’s part still stands out due to his mastery of switch backside 180’s. Seriously, just watch them.

Devuns husky voice isn’t the result of too many fags round the back of the bike sheds but a snowmobile accident that nearly took his life. This left Devun with a crushed windpipe, broken Adams apple and voice box. He also got caught in an avalanche when filming for the Hollywood movie Out Cold (We’ve never heard of it either).

Devun first got sponsored by Canadian outerwear brand Westbeach after he made a sponsor-me video in 1993 and now over 20 years later Devun isn’t over the hill. Rather he’s at the top of the mountain in the Whistler Backcountry about to drop in and show the youngsters what style is.

His favourite song to ride to is ride like the wind by Christopher Cross and his pre shed rituals include drinking coffee and “hopefully, shitting”. You’re also more likely to find him on the golf course than in the surf during the summer.


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