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Danny Kass

Danny Kass is a jack of all trades and a master of most. Danny is a two time Olympic silver medallist, successful business owner, reality TV show star and all round snowboarding legend.

He’s won seven X games medals and combines technical prowess with effortless style to throw down on any terrain. With his celebrity friends the Dingo and crunk rapper Lil Jon, Danny has starred in his own reality TV show, getting wild and partying on The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo. Don’t let this party boy image fool you though, Danny has his head screwed on and runs the extremely successful Grenade Gloves company. He’s also an incredible athlete; albeit one who is more likely to chin pints and stumble out of the strip club at 6am rather than drinking protein shakes and going for an early morning jog.

After his epic 2001 season where he won four grand prix golds, the winter X Games and the US Open, Danny was almost arrested for underage drinking after drinking most of his sponsor’s beer at an industry convention. A few years later he was arrested twice in New Zealand, once for possession and another time for driving his van up a ski run in Cardrona. This loose canon spirit is part of what makes Danny so popular and has ensured him a cult following amongst riders who want to put two fingers up to the establishment.

Competing since 2001 (where he made a huge impression on the US scene), Danny went to snowboard school and introduced back to back 1080’s to superpipe riding. Since then he’s pretty much done it all competition wise and has turned his hand to organising events recently and runs the Grenade Games, a competition that has all the usual events like slopestyle and halfpipe. But also includes more fun things like freestyle moguls and punk legends like NOFX rocking the stage after hours. You don’t get that at the Olympics!

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