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Cheryl Maas

Cheryl Maas

Cheryl Maas, from the Netherlands, will forever hold the title as TTR’s first ever female Tour champion, but she’s added to the collection of trophies and medals over the year, and now she’s heading to Sochi.

Having grown up in the Netherlands, where mountains are particularly rare, Cheryl spent her time as a youngster on the dry slopes of Uden. But at the age of 17, Cheryl picked up and left her hometown to had for Mayrhofen, Austria where she has settle in ever since. After training in the Vans park there, she quickly progressed and now she holds numerous titles from the biggest competitions in the world.

Cheryl also holds the title as the first female boarder to land a 900 in a slopestyle competition when she competed at Winter X Europe in 2011. She’s basically, she’s a big deal.

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