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Chas Guldemond

Chas Guldemond

Chas Guldemond AKA Chucky G AKA one of the nicest men in Snowboarding. He’s had a long career in snowboarding filming for Standard Films, DC Snowboardings own projects, his own Rockstar series and perfecting one of the best looking methods in the game. Oh, and being the Slopestyle World Snowboard Champion…

Like fellow US Snowboard Team-mate Eric Willett, Chas is one of those riders that has been around for so long, but has managed to escape the over hyping that many riders get. Consistent tour results starting from 2007 show that Chas has been on his game since McMorris was playing Pokemon.

Chas had an incredible 2008/2009 series with a segment in Standard Film’s ‘Black Winter’, the overall Burton Global Open Series win (after entering 25 competitions in a season!) and taking the silverware in the overall WST rankings. He also dominated the Nippon Open and the US Open for the japes.

Somehow, amongst all this, DC Snowboarding dropped him from the team in what must have been one of the worst decisions of the company’s history. Maybe Ken Block’s head was still spinning after all that rally driving and he got confused eh?

Chas has gone from strength to strength since then, picking up a coveted gold medal at The Arctic Challenge, XGames Europe, Burton Canadian Open and was crowned the Slopestyle World Snowboard Champion in Olso back in 2012.

Chas has been known to sneak in the occasional Marlboro Red behind the riders tent during competition and can generally be relied on to be the nicest guy on the course. Now spending his spare time in Truckee, California with his girlfriend and growing a damn fine looking head of hair. Cheers to a good 2013/2014 season for you Chucky!

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