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Arielle Gold

Arielle Gold

This newcomer blew onto the scene last year: sharing her last name, with her medal haul at the FIS World Snowboard Championships in Quebec. This was no surprise to those who had been watching her meteoric rise through the Junior FIS ranks taking home the silverware at the 2012 Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck and some solid results at the Grand Prix Events and the Burton US Open in 2012.

The 17 year old from Colorado cemented her name on the start-lists of competitions globally at the Aspen X-Games in 2013. She was the first-reserve for the event when Gretchen Blieler dropped out due to injury and stunned the crowd with a 3rd place finish throwing a super-tech run of cab 900’s and a method to make Landvik blush.

She started off competing in all 5 disciplines of snowboarding (Slopestyle, Halfpipe, BoarderX, Racing and Duals Racing) before making the decision to specialize in Halfpipe, which bearing in mind her recent addition to the US Snowboarding team, was probably a damn good idea.

Whilst being more than acquainted with her plastic snow steed, she also owns two steeds of the equestrian variety. Not entirely sure how they’d get on in a 22ft pipe, but must be some kind of secret US cross-training. Our very own Tristan Kennedy interviewed her at the Tignes XGames and it worth a watch just at the very least for his parappa the rapper style beanie…

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