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Aimee Fuller

The third wave of British talent to make its assault on the international scene, under the tutorage of Lesley McKenna and under the wing of Jenny Jones, Aimee has been thrashing competitions, mag trips and hairbrushes since 2005.

Growing up just outside Croydon, it was no surprise that Aimee got her thrills from Motorcross at a young age, but instead of blasting round the estate doing wheelies, her family uprooted to the US of A when she was 12. Although her street cred took a dive, she quickly found her calling on the bulletproof slopes of Americas East Coast.

She fulfilled many a shred-deprived British snowboarders dream by heading out West for the High Cascade Snowboard Camp and quickly got the attention of veteran shredder Erin Comstock and got snapped up by Roxy like a hungry hungry hippo.

Her breakthrough season came in 2010, when after putting her studies at Bath University on the backburner to become a full-time shred hound, she started her season off with a 2nd place finish at the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam, a 5th place in the 6 Star O’Neill Evolution, an invite to the prestigious Oakley Arctic Challenge and a top 10 finish at the Burton European Open. Not bad for a first season eh…

Since then Aimee has been all peaks, no troughs, with incredible results at the Nescafe Leysin Champs, Roxy Snow Pro and XGames Tignes in-between being one of the most enthusiastic shredders from this Fair Isle.

She got snapped up by Red Bull in the Summer of 2012 who quickly jetted her off to New Zealand for one of their High Performance Camps, the investment paid off in a matter of days as she became part of the elite double-trouble club becoming the fifth girl to land a double invert on a park jump.

She came into the 2012/13 season ready to unleash her new trick arsenal upon the world, we all waited with baited breath to see when the Manhattan Project of snowboard trickery would be unleashed. We had to wait until the XGames Tignes, where on her third and final run, she became the first female snowboarder to land a double invert in competition. With Sochi rapidly approaching, can Aimee bring home the bacon in Russia?




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Aimee Fuller