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Iouri Podladtchikov

Iouri Podladtchikov

The halfpipe dominator from the eastern-bloc was born in Russia before moving to Zurich with his parents as a youngster. His technique into the ideal style for the icy curved walls of the pipe.

Educated at Switzerland’s first sports high school/college, he gave his teachers a schooling at the age of 18 in Davos’ very own Halfpipe for the O’Neill Evolution, taking home the top spot at his first 6 Star WST event.

To be fair he’d already warmed himself up at the 2006 Turin Olympics for his Russian cousins before gaining his Swiss nationality not long after that. 2 years later he spread his wings from Davos and started training with the Swiss National Snowboard Team. The Swiss efficiency paid off with Iouri taking home the FIS World Cup title for the 07/08 season before rounding off the year with the Zürich Sports Award.

Iouri struck up an unlikely friendship with fellow luscious locked Shaun White after a meeting at the Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open back in ’07. Despite years of battling it out for the top spots, they’ve both commented that they both respect each other’s riding purely because they’re both competitive as each other…interesting basis for a bromance.

Iouri one-upped his partner in arms at the Aspen X-Games in 2013 by landing a Cab Double Cork 1440 in the pipe which he promptly named the ‘YOLO Flip’. Probably something to do with what happens if you get the speed wrong…

Whilst generally Iouri keeps himself to himself, he shares some scandal with our Royal scallywag Prince Harry after being instagrammed by a friend paying for petrol with nothing but a trilby covering his crown jewels. A crafty reporter found the picture (probably under #IPodsPrivates) and plastered on the front page of most newspapers in Swizterland the next day.


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