X Games Real Snow Backcountry edits – watch ’em here!

Last Friday, a trailer for X Games Real Snow Backcountry appeared outta nowhere announcing that this year’s Real Snow Backcountry contest was happening after all (we’d totally forgotten about it to be perfectly honest…).

It was a heavy trailer though and even though we’re revelling in one of the best stints of hot, sunny weather we’ve had in years, it made us wish we could trade it all in for one glorious powder slash/faceshot/ragdoll.

Interestingly, many of the big guns don’t have parts this year – no Gigi, no Müller, no Jackson(s) and Jussi is the only rider to feature for the second year running. It makes us wonder whether ESPN just wanted to mix things up a bit or whether certain sponsors didn’t fancy coughing up the money to have their riders involved again. Or maybe, seeing as Jussi won the public vote last year, he was awarded a place in this year’s comp. Who knows.

Anyway, there are still some proper backcountry giants here and the edits are now live and open for voting.

Click though the following pages to check out the match-ups, watch the edits and read our verdicts:

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