Whitelines Rail Jam at Spring Break 2014 – Full Edit

Once again it was that time of year where the UK’s shop keepers, media, riders and booze hounds headed to Kaunertal, Austria on that annual pilgrimage known to all as Spring Break. And as we have done for many years Whitelines hosted our own rail jam, for the second year now taking the form of a team battle.

The format saw a loose jam followed by two team captains (in this instance Andy Nudds and Sparrow Knox) picking their squads in a schoolyard fashion before going head to head to decide the most winningest team.

You can read the full report on what exactly went down here, or just watch the edit above. Or both, it’s a free country after all.

What you should know though is that the level of riding this year was off the charts, tech wizardry meeting style right in the middle and creating something special, something beautiful. All whilst the rest of us looked on half pissed through a snowstorm.

Music courtesy of Brew, check out his page here.


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