The Yolo flip – Iouri Podlatchikov explains all

Update 12/02/2014: This interview was filmed the morning after iPod first landed the Yolo flip – a trick he’d just invented – at the European X Games in 2013. At the time we also asked him: “Is Shaun White unbeatable?” To which he replied: “No, definitely he can be beaten, you just need to ride very well to do it.” Turns out this was the trick that let him do it.

History was made last Thursday when Iouri Podladtchikov landed the world’s first ever cab 1440 double cork, aka the Yolo flip, in the X Games halfpipe finals.

We caught up with I-Pod the following day to grill him on his new trick and discover why he doesn’t like to refer to the trick as a 1440, the gruelling process of learning something that’s never been done before and the reasoning behind that (let’s face it) ridiculously cheesy name.

Of course we’ve also included the footage of the trick so that you can whip your notepads and calculators out and figure out exactly what’s going on over its spinny-flippy duration. We’ve gotta hand it to him, it’s a pretty rad looking trick – can you imagine casually slipping an extra 360 into the middle of a double backflip? Nope, we can’t either!