The Burton US Open starts today!


Jamie NichollsBilly Morgan and Aimee Fuller are all confirmed to start this evening, joining the creme de le creme of snowboarding’s elite. You can view the complete confirmed start list here, but so far it looks like most of the Olympic field will be competing again here so expect a show when the slopestyle semi finals start this evening!

For the riders this will hopefully feel like a bit of fun compared with the Sochi games, though both the men’s gold medalists are so far absent from the proceedings. Jamie Anderson and Kaitlyn Farrington however will both be looking to defend their last wins; no pressure!

In the men’s pipe neither I-Pod or Ayumu Hirano have been announced yet, Shaun White‘s name is also notably absent from proceedings. In a surprise move though it looks like Danny Davis will competing in both formats, slope and pipe. Taking a leaf out of his friend Torah Bright‘s book perhaps?

Dramas aside, this will be one of the events of the year so don’t miss it; you can view all the proceedings on our site as they happen here.

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