Sochi 2014: 7 Things We Learned Out in Russia

Whitelines’ contributing editor Nina was out in Sochi for the entire duration of the Games, working for a broadcast company. Her six weeks in Russia taught her a thing or two… 

As I waited to board my plane to Sochi a month ago, I overheard an American ask his friend if this was his first time in Sochi. He said yes. “Four weeks in Sochi is like four years anywhere else,” replied the American. How true this is.

So, how was the whole experience of the Sochi Winter Olympics? When I arrived, it was a ghost town. A week later, I was fighting for a place on the 8am bus. If there’s ever a true example of “the people make the place”, it’s the Olympics.

While working here, I’ve had a few strange experiences, drunkenly danced my way through some good nights out (one ended by hitching a lift home in a police car) and learnt much more about the Russian culture and Olympics than I ever thought I would.

I arrived nervous. I’ve left feeling like I’ve got Russia sussed. Well, Sochi at least. So what exactly did I learn? You’ll have to read on to find out…

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