CairnGorm Halfpipe Contest this Weekend


The dragon of the Gorms. Photo: Eaun Baxter

After the exciting news earlier this year that the CairnGorm Mountain had nabbed themselves a shiny new pipe dragon we’ve been waiting patiently for what will be the first halfpipe event on UK snow for a very long time now. The time has arrived.

This weekend will see the inaugural ‘Bag The Pipe’ event take place in the pipe on Saturday the 19th April, so if you’ve no other bank holiday plans get yourself up to the Gorms for another weekend of slushy Scottish fun times!

Olympian Ben Kilner and current British pipe champion Lewis Courtier-Jones will both be in attendance so expect a high standard, but equally don’t be put off – if the Gorm mountain staff know one thing they know how to put on a fun event.

Registration is FREE and on the day, but be sure to bring a £10 bib deposit along with your A game. Prizes will include four season passes for the hill so come along and get stuck into some Scottish pipe!

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