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Jake Blauvelt Naturally Premiere Gallery

Wednesday saw the London premiere of Jake Blauvelt’s movie Naturally. Sponsored by Adidas Snowboarding, it was quite the event.

The entire Adidas global team had been flown across the pond for the occasion, so Jake was joined by Kazu Kokubo, Eric Jackson, Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey and Helen Schettini. With a full house, and a free bar, the screening was a predictably rowdy affair, helped along by the fact that it was Helen Schettini’s birthday (hence the champagne shots).

Once the Adidas party was officially over a few stragglers headed to the infamous Dolphin pub in Hackney, where the night only ended when the police were called! Here are the best shots of the evening from Zee of motionstoppers photography.

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