Find Pam? That might be hard

OK, so regular reader of the magazine will know that we’re running an ongoing competition called ‘Find Pam’. It’s pretty simple really – find the cunningly hidden picture of the silicone sex symbol/amateur filmmaker in each of the 6 regular issues, email us their location, and the first 3 out the hat will win a brand new Nidecker Pam snowboard.

Well, seemingly that’s a little too complicated for us. Our resident Geek made off with the photograph before we could scan it (he was last seen heading to the toilets) so we failed miserably to actually hide Pam in Issue 93! No doubt that’s had a few of you subscribers with early copies scratching your heads over the weekend, but fear not! WL94 (the January issue) will feature two hidden pictures of Pam to make up for it. Keep your eyes peeled, and your flies zipped up…

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