Absinthe European Tour Teaser - Heavy Mental

Riding from the likes of Bode Merrill, Wolle Nyvelt and Romain de Marchi might even make this tune bearable

As if you needed another excuse to make it to the Heavy Mental premiere in London at the end of next month (go here for tickets), Absinthe have just put out a teaser for their European tour, promising to be one of the biggest to date. It would have to be to live up to the hype from the original trailer.

Our only hope is that the God-awful song featured in this short clip hasn’t made it through to the final cut, but even if it has we’re sure that the top level riding from the likes of Bode MerrillWolle Nyvelt and Romain de Marchi might even make this tune bearable.

For those of you spread around the continent, here are the dates of the 2014 Absinthe tour:

11/9 Zürich – Plaza Club
12/9 Innsbruck – Weekender
13/9 Prag – Roxy Club
15/9 Munich – City Kino
16/9 Stuttgart – Delphi Arthaus Kino
17/9 St-Gallen – Kugl
18/9 Vienna – Heimkino Schikaneder
18/9 Hamburg – Zeise Kinos
18/9 Minsk – TBD
19/9 Bratislava – Klub Loft
20/9 Budapest – Otkert
22/9 Freiburg (germany) – Waldsee
23/9 Würzburg – MS Zufriedenheit
24/9 Lausanne – D!Club
03/10 Zagreb – Klub Kino Gric
03/10 Brig – Perron 1
04/10 Krakow – Kino Kijow Centrum
10/10 Krasnodar – Acrora Kino
11/10 Wroclaw – Kino Nowe Horyzonty
17/10 Köln – Reineke Fuchs
17/10 Grenoble – Snowgarden
23-25/10 Berlin – Festival Holz und Schnee
24/10 Hasliberg Meiringen – Hotel Wetterhorn
25/10 Thun – Pray 4 Snow Party/Bierkönig
29/10 London – Cargo
07/11 Locarno – Discoteca “LA ROTONDA”


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