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Advice for budding photographers

We will happily accept submissions from anyone, but competition for space is fierce so don’t be disheartened if we turn down shots. Send us low res jpgs via email () and we will request the high res/film if we intend to publish.

If you’re just starting out and wondering how to crack the photography game, try going to a few events where you can shoot some professional riders. Keep shooting! Only through practice will you will get better and build up trust with the better riders. Don’t show off your bad shots, be harsh with your edit before sending them to mags (especially with everyone these days shooting thousands of digital images at a time).

It’s also a good idea to submit a package of shots that could be run as a story (provided you’ve got someone to pen the words). We often have a hard time placing single images because they’re up against the best in the world when it comes to spots in the gallery.

Don’t send duplicate images to all the magazines. Send your submission to your favourite mag first (White Lines, obviously!). Any that are rejected can then be sent on to competing mags in turn. There’s nothing a photo editor hates more than discovering a shot he’s published also got printed elsewhere!

Oh and one more thing. Us snowboard mags tend to work well in advance, so the best time to submit shots is in early summer (weirdly enough). If you contact us over the winter chances are we’ll have filled the library already or better yet buggered off to go riding for a change.

Advice for budding writers

We are happy to read any stories from budding writers. As with photography submissions, bear in mind that we plan each mag well in advance of publication, so the best time to contact us is in early summer (around May/June). If you’ve never written anything before then we may well want proof of your skills before commissioning anything – send in examples of previous work you’ve had published.

Photography is key. You might be the best writer on the planet but if we can’t fill the article with lovely pictures then unfortunately we can’t publish it. Try picking a subject that’s easily illustrated with generic shots from the library – travel stories don’t tend to work unless you were fortunate enough to be on holiday with a crew of professional riders and a good photographer. Of course we might have shots of your chosen destination in our library, but don’t take this for granted.

A good place to start is the Last Lift page. This is a regular page in the mag open to anyone with something opinionated to say about snowboarding. 700 words max. As well as the reward of seeing your name in print we’ll pay you 70 quid. Not bad for scribbling some rant about snowbladers being the root of all evil…

Send your submissions to