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She always has a great time

She always has a great time


All smiles
All smiles

The whole way through the ‘Lympics Torah was clearly having a great time, a genuine grin permanently stuck to her face. But what made it really obvious she was stoked just to be there was how she dealt with her results.

After a seventh place finish in the slopestyle (if she’s stuck her run cleanly she could have easily run away with a medal) she simply said there’s ‘more to life than snowboarding,’ but not in the manner you’d normally expect from a top level athlete, you could believe her! She even streaked away from the athletes area to be among the first to congratulate Jenny Jones on her bronze.

She lost out on the halfpipe gold by a quarter of a point with a run than many people saw as worthy of the gold, but instead of showing any disappointment she was obviously genuinely stoked for Kaitlyn Farrington‘s success.

The non-competitive vibe from snowboarding was one of the main reasons it became to darling sport of the mainstream media, and there was no better advertisement for this attitude than Torah.

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