Why Slush Is Better Than Powder

A controversial assessment of the merits of a powder day

The Park

The Avoriaz Stash – the only park you’d want to ride on a pow day.

Slush and parks go together like fried banana and bacon (this is good, try it, big in South Africa) and create the ultimate cocktail for progression – a cocktail which is usually downed and followed by a guttural and victorious chest-beating roar when a new trick is landed. Think Halldor doing après. In fact, the Helgasons pretty much embody the spirit of the slushy park. Radical. Inventive. Ballsy to the point of self-destruction. Good at posing.

To address the inherent conflict between the two opposing forces of powder and the park, Burton had to create The Stash (a rite of passage for any aspiring British snowboarder or 8 year old skier in an ESF lesson – in Avoriaz at least). Whilst I will begrudgingly accept that the Stash concept does create a park-style creative outlet when there is deep snow, it still doesn’t capture the spunky anything-is-possible effervescence of a sun-drenched kicker line with soft slushy landings and Euro-reggae playing in the background.