Tribes of Snowboarding


Urgh son, Nico Droz can get street even in an Austrian resort. Photo: Nick Hamilton

You’ve seen them in every snow park in the Alps, hell in France they’re actually employed to be there; we’re talking about the Euro thugs. Not yet realising that paying in excess of 500EUR for a season pass to ride rails on a 800EUR set up isn’t exactly the epitome of street, somehow the uber-baggy fashions haven’t yet died in Euroland.

Don’t be too intimidated though, under the menacing bandannas it’s more than likely that you’ll find acne and a snotty nose than gang tats or street brawl scars; most of them are aged 12 after all.

Yesterday in Avoriaz…

Look to the pros:
Nico Droz, Halldor Helgason circa 2009, MFM (not exactly a Euro but is more than gangster enough for this list)

Do say:
Suce ma bit, salope.

Don’t say:
Can you please put that out? There are children here!

Get the look:
Five words: Extra extra extra extra large, for everything. It helps if you can get as many full sized prints of dead rappers on your tee (over your jacket, of course) as possible, plus the obligatory cannabis leaf on your oversized beanie.

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