Tribes of Snowboarding


The Frends crew, get a job!

Resplendent with flowing locks and earthy toned outfits, you’re more likely to find these guys getting mellow in the ‘peace’ pipe than training in the park for the next X Games. They still seem to do quite well in comps these days though, despite facial expressions more glazed than a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Perhaps it’s all the focus on just having a good toime, man, or maybe the lack of a real job that makes them just so darn good at shredding. Or more likely it’s the fact that only the really, really good ones can actually make it out of bed in time for last lifts.

Piste and Love

Look to the pros:
Danny Davis, Jamie Anderson, Curtis Woodman

Do say:
Tahoe bro! Snowboarding’s all about keeping away from the corporations.

Don’t say:
Snowboarding IS corporate, bro. Y’all lost in the 60s.

Get the look:
Grab a straw hat to chuck on top of that braided/feathered/unwashed hairdo of yours, one that goes with your khaki pants and plaid shirt. And don’t forget to bring your guitar and campfire building kit to every park session.

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