Top 5 Speed Runs


Time Yourself On The Kitzbuhel Speed Course

This is not a picture of Kizbuhel, but it is a picture of Stephan Maurer going very fast. Photo: Ed Blomfield

Where? Kitzbuhel, Austria.
When? All season long.

What is it? Head up the Kitzbuheler Horn and witness the spectacle first hand: a closed-off straightline area with a radar speed check at the bottom. Straight-line the piste and your speed is immediately displayed by the read-out at the bottom.

Will I need a helmet? Nah.

Can I do it in fancy dress? You could, but the object here is to go as fast as you can so your best bet is to tuck everything in, strike the diving ‘’I’m going dead fast pose’, and give it your best shot.

What chance do I have of winning it? That depends on who you race against (your mates most likely) and how fast they can go. This is a good laugh though, it’s not dangerous and anyone who can straightline can do it.

How fast am I likely to go? We were there in February 2006 and James Thorne clocked the fastest time with a commendable 76kmph. He did 73 switch too.

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