10 Best Resorts for Advanced Snowboarders

Would you drop into Corbet’s? PHOTO: Chris Figenshau

After the recent success of our beginner resorts for snowboarding , we figured it’d only be fair to put together a list of the best resorts out there for you hardcore shredders. Yes, we’re looking at you lot with the ABS bags, transceivers and stickers all over your helmet.

We all want to push ourselves on the slope, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck on crusiy blues when we’re really on the hunt for icy couloirs and hidden powder stashes.

So, gnarly black runs, an insane amount of freeride terrain and some seriously steep lines is what this is all about. The kind of lines that will make you shit your pants on every turn and run crying to your mummy at the end of the week, safe in the knowledge that you have lived to ride another day.