The Ultimate Season – Six Countries in Six Months


April - Alaska

The Alaskan dream; Elias Elhardt and Fredrik Evensen’s lines in Haines, AK. Photo: Daniel Tengs

After a month cruising and relaxing in France, what better way is there to step it up again than by visiting the land of gnarl – Alaska.

Whilst you’d think that most powder riding would be done in the depths of winter, for the early season most days are dark and stormy, but during March/April this starts to clear up and reveal the bounty those fortunate enough to make the trip can claim.

You couldn’t have rice without Muller, Nico showing you why. Photo: Oli Gagnon

No one needs to be told why Alaska is so awesome, just look at any major snowboard video from the last twenty years to see the deepest and steepest big mountain riding imaginable. After being plundered for so long skiers and snowboarders have barely scratched the face of it, so here’s where that lottery budget will come in handy; invest in helis.

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