The Ultimate Season – Six Countries in Six Months


February - California

The legendary Heikki Sorsa lofting one out in Mammoth. Photo: Andy Wright

California is one of the great snowboard destinations in the world, and as part of this world tour February is one of the better times to visit; there’s a great chance of there being powder but if there isn’t a whole host of some of the planet’s greatest snowparks are at your disposal.

Mammoth, Bear, Northstar-at-Tahoe and Squaw Valley are all to hand, plus if all of that isn’t enough for you then Timberline is just over the county line in Oregon. And Mt Baker, another powder destination worthy of any shredder’s bucket list.

Billy Morgan giving his shaka a shake in Tahoe. Photo: Dan Medhurst

Plus Cali has that certain vibe to it, it’s infectious to all who’ve been lucky enough to visit the place, returning with trendy tans and tales of surfing, shredding and skating all in the same day, you’d be mad not to at least try it.

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