The Ultimate Season – Six Countries in Six Months


If your winter was a blank canvas, where would you go? Photo: Matt Georges

What if you won the lottery? What if suddenly money was no object and all you had to think about was where you wanted to spend the next winter, where would you head?

And if your budget really was limitless, why tie yourself to one resort, or even one country for a whole season? ‘Winter’ as a concept is bigger than just one place, you could optimise you’re shred time to get the most out of every month. Fantasy is a wonderful place isn’t it?

Whilst we’re dreaming, we came up with what could be the ultimate winter. We’ve taken into account conditions and crowds to optimise prime shredding with minimum hassle.

Sounds complicated? Not really, it’s a great excuse to daydream and look at some rad shred pictures, not that we need much of one normally…

Hit the left and right arrows to scroll through.

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