The Best DIY Snow Parks


One of the home-built parks we've featured in this piece, just needs some snow!
One of the home-built parks we’ve featured in this piece, how sick would that be with some snow?

What is it about snowboarders that just make them want to snowboard all the damn time? Sometimes a weeks holiday or even a season pass isn’t quite enough. Luckily, we’re quite a creative bunch so when there’s a will to shred, there’s bound to be a way to shred.

The obvious answer is getting into your urban riding, but for most that’s not an option. Either there’s a lack of local snow stopping them, or for some they might live miles away from the nearest ‘naturally occurring’ street rail. However, there is always the DIY approach…

Other than building your own board, creating your own terrain park or secret spot is about as ‘roots’ snowboarding as it gets these days really, going back to the days of the punk rock DIY ethics. Have a look at these beauties and get inspired!


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