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Xavier de le Rue - Freeride World Tour 2010

Xavier de le Rue - Freeride World Tour 2010


Seeing as he was the inspiration that sparked this list, it seems fitting to start of with the man, himself, Xavier de le Rue.

Not really known for huge drops, usually opting crazy lines, this one made our ten simply for being wild. This was at the Nissan Xtreme in Verbier, 2010, the third year in a row he won the tour outright.

If the line choice wasn’t crazy enough – he can barely keep on his feet at times – the drop at 1.14 is surely what clinched it for him. It’s not the largest, but considering the gradient he has to land in before swerving to avoid a multitude of boulders, this has to go down as one of the gnarliest ever.


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