Petition to Reinstate Sheffield Ski Village


Steve Bailey boning one out at Sheffield back in the day

Ask any old shreeder about Sheffield Ski Village and they’ll tell you stories of legends and young guns brought up shredding its hallowed turf, for a great example look no further than recent Olympian Jamie Nicholls and his ski compatriots Woodsy and Katie Summerhayes.

In the British scene local hills tend to leave a lasting impression with their users, fond rose-tinted memories abide as the carpet burn scabs fade, but no one can argue with Sheffield’s legacy. Sadly it suffered two major fires a couple of years ago and is now no more; the last we heard was that it was going to be turned into a block of flats.

The smoldering remains.

But maybe not – some studious souls have put together a petition here with the aim of rebuilding the old slope plus a Woodward-style freestyle training centre. There’s no doubt this would stimulate the local scene and economy as well as providing a centralised venue for training up future Olympians.

If you agree feel free to click through and sign, here’s the link again:


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