Just how good was the Scottish snowboard season?

Jamie Nicholls at Cairngorm in early May, closing out another Scottish season. Photo: Andrew Duthie

Being a snowboarder in Scotland can be difficult. There’s the same roller-coaster of emotion every year, starting in November with the first flurry of sleet that has everyone from your Facebook friends to the Daily Express convinced that this’ll be the winteriest winter ever – and that we’ll all be riding Japow-esque pillows by the new year.

What happens next is anyone’s guess – massive early-season dumps followed by a three-month warm spell, or the other way round, or any number of variations. All you can do is cross your fingers.

All things considered, the 2013/2014 season was a great one for the Scottish hills, especially where snow levels are concerned – further proof can be found in our reader’s galleries here and here. As you’ll see in this round-up of the five resorts, sometimes it caused more problems than it solved, but the staff worked themselves to the bone to allow thousands of people to enjoy home-soil shredding.

Snow gods: same again next year please.

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