Inside Track: Morzine

Mark Kent still has it, front 3 in the Chapelle. Photo: Sam McMahon

There are a ton of amazing riders who live in Avoriaz full or part time. Frenchman Nico Droz is a local legend. His Absinthe parts back in the day included tons of Avoriaz shots and these days he’s always shooting and filming with his Homies crew around here. Morzine has always been something of a Mecca for British pros too. Andy Nudds, Dom Harington, Sean Tumultey, Billy Morgan and Nathan Onions and loads more all come back here year after year for some of the season. But I think if I had to pick one rider out as the best of the regular crew, it would have to be Mark Kent, for a variety of reasons. That guy can pretty much do anything with a snowboard strapped to his feet.

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