Inside Track: Mayrhofen


The Gasser Butcher Shop

It’s easy to do breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Gasser family butcher’s shop, directly opposite the bottom of the main Penken gondola in town.  Not suitable for vegetarians, this place serves up a variety of top grade animals straight into a freshly baked semmel for incredible value! It’s quick, cheap and easy. On the mountain the Grillhoff restaurant is a big hit. This has a massive outdoor seating area, which looks directly over the park! Their menu is pretty big and is far better priced than anywhere you go in France, that’s for sure. They have a full bar as well. One other place we some times venture to (especially on powder days) is the Vogel Nest for the ribs!  You’ll find it over towards Eggalm. Of an evening there’s a huge number of restaurants in town. For real traditional Tyrolean grub I recommend the Tiroler Stuben just on the corner by the Banhof. It’s owned by the family of Thomas ‘Beckna’ Eberharter, a pro snowboarder from Mayrhofen and somewhat of a legend in the game. However we would normally save this place for special occasions, as it’s a bit pricey. The Sidan has got to be the most used and favourite restaurant among all my friends in Mayrhofen. It’s located at the bottom of the Horbergbahn gondola so it’s about 5 minutes out of town. The food is always excellent and the price is even better! The dishes of choice here are the Calzone Alverde and the Sidan Platz, better known as “a farm yard on a plate”.