Inside Track: Mayrhofen


The infamous Hari Kiri

At first glance many of the pistes here can appear quite steep, with the famous Hara Kiri run being one of the steepest in Europe. Fortunately, though, this is not the case for the whole area. There are a ton of mellow runs with tree lines and plenty of side hits! There are two runs that I spent most of my piste-shredding time on: the first is the ‘Baby Tour’ which takes you through the trees from the top of Penken to the Horberg gondola. This is usually jammed with side hits all the way down, and on a powder day you can drop into the trees and find some freshness!  The other is just under the Schneekar chairlift directly outside the Horbergbahn gondy, a wide-open piste that allows you to open up and go fast. If you take a right and turn off you can take a narrow cat track round the side of the mountain that brings you to a massive wide open piste, right above the park! Taking the 150-man gondola over towards Egalm again is pretty good. This area is certainly a lot more quiet than the rest of Mayrhofen and has some good long runs.