Inside Track: Breckenridge

Hit after masterfully-crafted hit. Photo: Ed Blomfield

“The parks here are so good! Stuff gets shaped about three or four times a day and again at night, so nothing really ever gets too rutted. The jumps are particularly nice, consistently the best jumps I have ever ridden. They just always set things up perfectly, all the rails are nice and there is so much variety in features. The setup gets changed quite a lot so things don’t get stale. There are three or four parks each year but two main ones. Park Lane is meant to be the medium set-up but it gets pretty extreme; there are six or seven kickers you can hit in a row with some rails in between them, or something like 14 to 17 rails in a row with lots of different options and combos to be had. Freeway is the big beast; there are less features than at Park Lane, but they are a lot bigger, and there’s a halfpipe as well. Breck’s park is arguably one of the best in the world, and I’d say it’s my favourite for sure.”