Inside Track: Breckenridge

Team GB are regular visitors to Breck; Ben Kilner checks in. Photo: Ed Blomfield

“The pistes in Breck are rad for bombing, all open and wide and really well groomed. Some have got nice rollers to fly off and cool wee bits of terrain to jib about on. There are a shitload of trees between the runs, but lots of lines through with plenty of jumps, bumps, tree jibs, smoke shacks, spooky trails, danger and all that good stuff! There is one run on Peak 10 that has a steep bank on its right side, creating hits all the way down to fly off and jib about on. That’s probably my favourite run, but the speed police ruin most of the fun to be had on the piste when you’re sending it. The runs are almost too nice and well groomed and safe, so I usually stay in the trees or the park.”

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