How to Use a GoPro Properly - Our Top 10 Tips

Tim Humphreys midway through a BS rodeo. This famous GoPro edit opened a lot of people’s eyes to the potential of portable cameras.

Morzine-based filmer Sam McMahon will be talking you through how to improve your edits in a new five part series on In part 1, he gives you 10 top tips for how to get the most out of your GoPro, Ion or other portable camera.

improve your edits

  1. How To Use A GoPro
  2. Filming With A DSLR
  3. Getting The Best Shots
  4. Editing Basics
  5. Advanced Editing

As the online world develops, so must the world of snowboarding. Online content is becoming the way forward for most brands with a new pro’s/brand’s web series out almost every week and big companies like Nike and Burton moving to produce drip-fed web episodes in place of full length movies. Online content is king, but the king of kings is the ‘edit.’

They’re everywhere, short and sweet, from Torstein Horgmo’s successful online videos in the winter through to the barrage of Mount Hood edits in the summer. Plus season edits, dome edits, holiday edits, park edits, pow edits; the list goes on. From pros to amateurs, everyone seems to be up to it these days.

But how can you make yours stand out? Our ‘Improve Your Edits‘ series (of which this is the first part) will aim to help you get yours to stand out from amongst the crowd; from the basics of filming to some crafty editing tricks, we’ll aim to give you as much advice as you can take but without blowing your mind with technical jargon. Getting in to the world of filming and editing can get a bit nerdy, so we’ll aim to steer clear of that!

The current explosion of online content is mostly due to improvements in technology; with iPhones and digital cameras leading the way, it is estimated that around ten percent of all photos ever taken were taken last year. A similar trend is happening with video, and what better advancement in technology do we have as snowboarders than the current crop of super-versatile and tough mini action cams: GoPros, Drift HDs and (the now out of business) Contours, so for now we’ll start off by giving you the top-ten tips to make the most out of them.

For advice on what to kit your GoPro out with, check out this list of the top 10 GoPro accessories here.

  1. Sanne Buurma

    Great article, with useful best practices.

    As for the selfie shot whilst riding pow, be sure to have a long enough mounting distance for your action cam. As I found out that half of my footage was shot at too close a range to actually see me riding pow…

  2. stewart monk

    That was the 1st time I’d flown the drone on the mountain since I built it. Looking at getting some LONGER better shots this season. Thanks for the link

  3. Tim Humphreys

    Nice article! It’s about time people started getting their game on track! One more thing worth mentioning, is to take advantage of the timelapse modes to get still photos without having to trigger the camera mid-triplecork!

    1. tristan

      Good shout Tim! Yeah timelapses can definitely help add character to your edit – they’re the classic “intro” shot.


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