How to Get The Best Snowboarding Shots - Our Top 10 Tips

How to avoid looking like a kook with a camera. Photo: Oli Gagnon.
How to avoid looking like a kook with a camera. Photo: Oli Gagnon.

Morzine-based filmer Sam McMahon is back with Part 3 of our ‘Improve Your Edits‘ series, taking us through a few handy tips to get the best out of your filming – including a few nuggets of advice that you might not have thought about.

improve your edits

  1. Filming With A DSLR
  2. Getting The Best Shots
  3. Editing Basics
  4. Advanced Editing

So far in this series we’ve covered the basics of your hardware – from GoPros and DSLR video cameras to lenses and accessories. We will go on to cover the actual editing process, but there are a few extra points I think can make the difference between another internet filler web-edit and one that will shine out and actually get watched.

These can be little lessons you learn that will elevate your filming skills or mistakes you can avoid in advance to help your reputation get a boost in the snowboarding world. I’m nowhere near the world’s greatest filmer, but I’ve tried to include the not-so-obvious but nevertheless crucial information that I’ve picked up myself – if only someone had told me!

If you’ve invested the money in the equipment, be it the most basic GoPro or a top of the range Canon DSLR with a full range of lenses, you’ll want to get it done right. So sit back and absorb some industry knowledge. Even if you’ve been filming for a while, you might just learn something new…


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