Pick Your Line

Always make sure you have a piste map on you
Always make sure you have a piste map on you

So you’ve had a couple of days dragging yourself through queues, lines and packed pistes and just can’t face it again? This is where some quality time with the local piste map might just pay off.

Seek out little nooks and crannies away from the main congregation of lifts and runs, if it looks hard to get then great! In fact, the further away it is from the better, most people like an easy life so won’t bother making the effort.

It’s even worth seeking out these quieter spots earlier in the week, resorts tend to be busiest at the start of the week especially in the nearby and beginner areas, but the crowds spread out and thin out as people pick up confidence and injuries in equal quantities.

Avoid the parks like the plague on a Friday, this is when most people think along the lines of ‘it’s my last day so fuck it.’ Que blood wagons and shards of bone all over, plus a pretty hefty lift line.


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