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Early Bird

Early Bird

Getting up at dawn to ride  isn't always such a bad thing...
Getting up at dawn to ride isn’t always such a bad thing…

The early shredder gets the worm, it’s sad but true. When the queues are gonna be massive lie-ins really are a luxury that’re not worth the hassle.

You have to remember that everyone else is also on holiday, and no one likes getting up early on holiday. But if you make the effort and get there for first lifts you’ll normally manage to avoid the bottlenecks that occur around the main chairs and gondolas.

Slept in? Forget about it for now, go load up on pocket snacks so you can rip around whilst the crowds swap the queues for the lifts with queues for lunch. It’s normally quieter on hill from around 12-2 due to hungry kids and exhausted girlfriends needing a feeding, so take advantage!


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