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The skiers are coming!
The skiers are coming!

If peak weeks really are unavoidable for you, think instead about where to go. When choosing a destination remember that holiday operators use a secret code, revealed below.

Resorts advertising themselves as ‘family friendly’ might as well have seating areas and creches in the lift lines, and ones that boast high speed lift systems that can upload 10,000 bodies an hour only spend the dollar on them because they need to. Much better to go to a slightly crappier mountain where slower lifts actually mean more laps per hour for you, that’s whats important right?

So avoid mega resorts with huge high rises, more beds equals more zombies on the hill, instead seek out the titchier ones; as well as being ‘quainter’ they’re probably less tracked out and full of powder spots too, what more do you want?


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