Dark Side of the Mont – Heli Boarding in Italy

Don’t turn your back on Italy as a heli destination. Photo: Ahriel Povich
  • The closet airport to Courmayeur is in Geneva, Switzerland.  This is actually a bonus since you can easily stash some cash in a secret bank account, load up your bag with chocolate and still arrive at the heli-pad in just over an hour.
  • There are lots of affordable places to stay in Courmayeur and there is a cable car from the center of town that delivers you straight to the park for those days that you don’t want to fly.
  • Even on a tight budget, you should strongly consider at least a day of heli-boarding. Two drops can be had for around 300 quid and, between the insane views of Mont Blanc on the way up and the thirty-minute powder run on the way down, it’s money well spent.

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We haven’t seen anything gunned down this hard since Vito Corleone. Photo: Ahriel Povich

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