Crazy Mountain Roads and Where to Find Them

Pat McCarthy taking her for a spin over the gap. Photo: Jeff Patterson

There are few roads that actually are part of snowboarding folklore, but the legendary (is that just a ubiquitous term for the mountain now?) Mt Baker road gap is one of them, still one of the most iconic kicker spots… In The World (this article is a bit Top Gear…).

Since the first TB film in 1990, this has been a proving ground of sorts for backcountry kicker enthusiasts, incuding GB’s James Stentiford, the first Brit (?) to have hit the beast.

A true snowboarding road if ever there was one.

Hana Beaman send in the gap in ‘Intervals’ (2012)

Any roads we’ve missed? If you think so, feel free to send any snaps you may have to sam@whitelines.com, we might even publish it!

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