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1. Halldor Helgason (from Never Not)


11:00 24th December 2013 by Tristan Kennedy @tris_kennedy

This was the most talked about video part of the year, and for good reason. From street spots in rural Iceland to gnarly kinked rails in urban Moscow to backcountry kicker sessions this has it all.

Trick wise it ticks a lot of boxes too, featuring everything from steezed out backside 180s to crazy double corks and rail combos.

But what really makes this part is Halldor’s personality, which shines through in every shot of this part. His choice of tricks, his choice of spots, his loose-cannon riding style, all of it screams “here is a man having the time of his life, riding on his own terms, and doing it for the sheer hell of it.” The fact that it also screams “here is a man who’s two sandwiches short,” just makes it all the better.

This was the part that got us most excited this year, and most stoked about snowboarding as a whole. And that was before we even got to that ender trick…

Feel like someone’s been robbed? Think we’ve missed any incredible parts out? Please post them in the comments below!


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