The Best Front Boards


Will Gilmore
Will Gilmore was the inspiration for this afternoon’s front board debate, he’s got a pretty badass one for a ten year old.

After seeing Will Gilmore’s part this morning, in which he lays down two picture perfect front boards aged ten, we were inspired.

It doesn’t take much for a room full of snowboard nerds like us to start flapping around tasks like trying to name the owner of the best front board ever, which is exactly what we’ve spent all afternoon arguing about.

Of course there is no real answer to who’s is the ‘best,’ that’s all subjective. But this is snowboarding and you should know that by now…

Anyway, after a lot of debate and some executive decisions by yours truly, here’s a selection of the owners of some of the best front boards. Not the best, some of the best.

Surely y’all will have some opinions so feel free to share them below.


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